What’s Your Agenda?

August 25, 2015

Whether you’re a traditionalist with a love of classic style or a traveller in search of adventure, Smythson has the diary for you. Each different line of diaries is painstakingly curated with the dates and recommendations to guide you through the modern world. The Minimalist The Panama is the original portable diary offering a practical, durable, discreet companion style since 1908; whilst The Wafer is our smallest and most flexible diary, perfect for keeping with you at all times as it fits effortlessly in bag or pocket. The Traditionalist The Premiere provides a smaller format with a day-per-page layout, making it is a favourite with those who like to document their day-to-day plans. The Kings and The Royal Court are some of our most traditional and historic formats, offering a hardbound desk-agenda style with classic White Wove paper. The Businessman or Woman The Portobello is a desk diary with lots of character striking the perfect balance between a place to put all of your weekday plans with plenty of space at the back for notes on future projects. The W1 is the largest diary in our range, a desk essential and professional staple in the office or the study. The Mayfair provides a mid-size option, designed to be comprehensive yet portable, with the classic feel of a serious office companion. The Creative The Fashion diary is designed with the fashion lover and creative in mind. It’s jam-packed with Smythson’s top picks from the four fashion capitals including where to eat, drink, shop and pamper. The Soho provides a mid-sized option with a week-to-view format on the left and a full ‘to do’ list to the right making it the ideal option for those who need space to collate ideas and inspirations. The Traveller The Cosmic is presented in a travel journal style with plenty of room for daily notes and a selection of full-colour world maps at the back. Whatever your preference, we have the diary to suit your needs. Beautiful to hold and to use, the Smythson diary represents a tradition of innovation and craftsmanship with extremely useful functionality.

The Smythson Diary: A Tradition of Innovation

August 13, 2015


‘Intimate friends and constant companions.’ – Smythson catalogue, 1930

It was the idea of a diary you could have with you wherever you went that led Frank Smythson to design the first Panama diary in 1908. The first of its kind, the diary’s soft leather cover and featherweight paper made it flexible and durable enough to fit into a gentleman’s breast pocket.


Today, Smythson’s diaries are a mixture of tradition and innovation. Curated with dates, helpful tips and recommendations (for restaurants, cultural diversions and more) the diaries offer information above and beyond the echo chamber of the internet. Some are even tailored to specific hobbies and interests, like the Sports, Fashion and Cosmic Diaries.blog2

Most importantly, a Smythson diary is a companion for your daily life; a space for ideas, inspirations and plans that remains a timeless classic and modern necessity.

Around The World With Smythson

July 24, 2015

No matter what kind of traveller you are or which travel tribe you belong to, at Smythson we take travel seriously. Whether you’re an Urban Explorer taking on the city, a jet setter to the fashion capitals, someone crossing the globe in search of business, or adventure, find your ideal travel companion with us.

The Urban Explorer

For the consummate city-wanderer, hunting down hidden gems in style at home or abroad.


Chameleon Crossbody Clutch | Panama Travel Pass Holder | London via @wutherings | Busy Bee Notebook | 2016 Soho Diary | Paris via @parisinfourmonthsPanama iPhone 5 Case | Burlington Buckle Tote

The Fashion Front Row

These fashion savvy accessories will see you through a trip to any capital. How to accessorise them is up to you.


Montagu Hold-All | Gresham A4 Writing Folder | New York Fashion Week via @susiebubble | 2016 Soho Diary | Runway Notebook | Paris Fashion Week via @visualtherpyny | Panama Camera Case | Berkeley Bag

The Business Traveller

For the working man or woman on the move. Take your office style with you wherever you go.


via @parkncube | Panama Currency Case | Panama Large Tote | ‘The Boss’ Notebook | Grosvenor Passport Cover | Burlington 24 Hour Travel Bag | Burlington Washbag | Singapore via @kinfolk

The Adventurer

For the true global nomad and travel addict.


Mauritius via @parkncube | Burlington Travel Wallet | Eliot Holdall | Panama Luggage Label | Small Hardbound Atlas | Panama East West Zip Tote | ‘Travels and Experiences’ Notebook | Iceland via @kirstenalana


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