Travelling with Nacho Alegre

For an insider view on how to travel in tasteful and undisputed style, we talk to the editor and publisher of Apartamento Magazine, Nacho Alegre, about bringing aboard realist novels and his in-flight essentials.

Travelling with Ben Cobb

In our on-going search to uncover the mysteries of effortlessly chic travel, we speak to the Editor-in-Chief of AnOther Man, Ben Cobb, about what it means to travel like a true gentleman.

Travelling with Claire Thomson-Jonville

Who better than perpetual traveler and Editor-in-Chief of Self Service magazine, Claire Thomson-Jonville, to share the superlative Parisian essentials and how to behave like a local in her home city.



Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with Raven Smith

Creative Director and ex-Commissioning Director of Nowness, Raven Smith, is a frequent traveller, and reluctant luggage-carrier. He takes us on a tour of his culinary recommendations in Paris and his home city, London.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with Olivia Singer

AnOther Magazine’s Fashion Features Director Olivia Singer takes a break from globe-trotting to bring us some culinary recommendations closer to home; read on for the best baked eggs in London, and her favourite GF DF takeaways.



Icons: The Soho Notebook

The ‘hack’ journalist, the aspiring author, the inspired note-jotter; few writers deny the pleasure that comes from opening a new notebook. With our Soho Notebook, that experience reaches peak satisfaction.

Icons: Katharine Hepburn

She pioneered women wearing trouser suits, refused to be defined by a man, and who catalogued her impressive Rolodex of friendships within the gilt-edged pages of her bespoke Panama address book.