Travelling with the Duo Behind Fantastic Man Magazine

Gert Jonkers and Jop van Bennekom are the pair at the helm of magazines Fantastic Man, Butt, The Happy Reader and The Gentlewoman. Here we ask the duo to disclose their definitive travel tips—from jetlag cures to combating hotel room mess.

Travelling with Arthur Elgort

Our series The One aims to uncover the untapped tips of the well-travelled. Here acclaimed fashion photographer Arthur Elgort, who recently shot Grace Coddington for Smythson Travel, divulges his love of unconventional holiday reads and the necessary nature of a beret in-flight.



Silver Screen Hotels To Visit: Park Hyatt, Tokyo

The Park Hyatt Hotel is a passport to the visually enticing world of Sofia Coppola, complete with sumptuous colours, giant bathtubs and Asia’s most atmospheric bar, where conversation and cocktails await.

The Holiday Homes We Want An Invite To

Plan your next adventure around one of these glorious secret retreats, belonging to some of the world’s most celebrated cultural icons, from Georgia O’Keeffe to Le Corbusier.



Icons: The Panama Luggage Tag

It’s peak travel season, so we’ve dug through the Smythson archives to pay homage to the Panama Luggage Tag – a foolproof way to avoid baggage reclaim anxiety.

Icons: The Soho Notebook

The ‘hack’ journalist, the aspiring author, the inspired note-jotter; few writers deny the pleasure that comes from opening a new notebook. With our Soho Notebook, that experience reaches peak satisfaction.

Icons: The Wilde Travel Wallet

The Smythson Travel Wallet is our way of restoring some of the original appeal of long-distance travel, without having to charter a private jet.