Art Of The 1887: Architecture of a Handbag

The beauty that lies behind the craft of architecture is its scrupulous process. From initial sketches born from illogical ideas to the painstaking development; each step is completed in search of the dramatic, flawless finish. Selecting the precise materials, creating the exceptional framework and understanding each meticulous detail requires a balance near impossible to achieve, but somehow, eventually, a heart-stopping moment is attained as each element falls beautifully into place.

The 1887 retains the same nature; an incessant pursuit of perfection. Its sculpted body takes over 365 days to perfect, is composed of 97 pieces and takes an astonishing 96 hours to create – a painstaking process shared by the designer and artisan.

Bold Silhouettes: 1887 in Black


The art of the curve is notoriously difficult to achieve. Beautifully twisted and sculpted, this iconic sculpture in Barcelona was created by Frank Gehry in 1992. Famous for his apposition of lines and curves, Gehry’s ‘Peix d’Or’ consists of intertwining stainless steel strips, twisted to precise angles.

Work: Frank Gehry

A scrupulous game of curved shapes and lines, the creation of the 1887’s winged skeleton and its seaming are both milestones in its creation. Soft and sensuous to the touch, a selection of lamb and calf nappa are shaped, sealed and picketed on a distinctive mould, creating a sculpted structure that remains tactile and resistant – the base to its softer disguise.

Striking Contours: The 1887‘s Winged Construction


In 2011 The Louvre commissioned Cour Visconti; The Department of Islamic Arts designed by Italian architects Mario Bellini and Rudy Ricciotti. The stunning structure appears to float elegantly in its surreal, ethereal form; a sheet of liquid gold that captures the intensity of sunlight against its historic backdrop. Thousands of materials contributed to its sculpted body, with a selection of franc teel space frames and an intricate roofing structure consisting of a lattice of steel tubes and glass.

Work: Mario Bellini & Rudy Ricciotti

Each piece of the 1887’s highly complex construction must be skived, reduced, glued and trimmed with close attention to the correct thickness to guarantee proper assembly. A symphony of shapes falls upon one another to create a beautiful convex effect, strikingly unique against its linear structure. This beautiful juxtaposition is seen in Cour Visconti – feminine curves created by strong lines; a bold apposition of light and depth.

Light Meets Shadow: The 1887 in Cobalt

Enigmatic in structure and elegantly tailored , the 1887 explores a sculpted world of unequivocal beauty in its design, and, much like an architectural journey, its precision is captured in its painstaking process; from research and development to the final, anticipated showcase.

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