Behind the Scenes at our Autumn Winter Campaign #SmythsonStories

What happens when a world-class photographer, spatial designer, artist/filmmaker and Smythson get together for the day? You are about to find out…


With a myriad of Smythson products in tow, we converged on a quintessentially British country house to capture a moment with two of our brand ambassadors, Quentin Jones and Robert Storey.


In case you were wondering who are the faces of our campaign and how they fit with Smythson…

Quentin Jones’ artwork and films are characterised by daring colours and contrasting graphics with no small dose of wit and whimsy whilst Robert’s designs favour a more minimal, structural form letting the craftsmanship speak for itself. Whilst Quentin and Robert’s artwork is wholly unique, they share a creative spirit of British innovation with a dedication to excellence that is an important part of our design philosophy here at Smythson.

The ideal combination of sophisticated embellishment and beautiful functionality, the new Brook Bag was the perfect fit for Quentin’s day to evening lifestyle.

Last season, Robert Storey collaborated with us behind the scenes but this year he has stepped in front of the lens sporting his favourite Smythson pieces including the new Burlington Backpack.

Robert Storey Behind the Scenes

Shot by Paul Wetherell and styled by Sam Logan, #smythsonstories captures the sentimentality that we associate with those everyday luxuries that we choose to be our constant companions. More than simply accoutrements, these handcrafted pieces fit seamlessly into our lives in such a way that they quickly became indispensable.

It took one long, action-packed day for our stories to reveal themselves but thankfully our exhaustion was held at bay and our taste buds delighted by the epicurean creations from Quentin’s sister, Jemima of Tart London. Rome may not have been built in a day but we bet the Roman’s did not have such a team of talented tastemakers on their side…


You have seen their stories, but now it’s your turn. Tell the tales of your most precious Smythson essentials by sharing your #smythsonstories with us on social.

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