Smythson X Roksanda

Bold contrasts, bright colours, graphic shapes…our latest collaboration has the fashion world in thrall. Pairing up once again with Roksanda, we have created a special edition collection of books based on designs from her Resort 2016 Collection. Brilliant hues of violet, turquoise, coral, black and white have created our most fashionable Fashion Diary to date, accompanied by an equally chic Soho Notebook and Portobello notebook.

Special Edition Smythson X Roksanda Books

Drawing inspiration from the Cubist movement and its themes of deconstruction, Roksanda has taken the shapes and colours from her latest collection and realised them in book form with the help of the Smythson craftsmen of course.

“It’s an evolution of my signature colour blocking, which I felt worked perfectly in joining my DNA with Smythson’s love of colour.”

Roksanda Resort 2016 Dress

Smythson X Roksanda Portobello Notebook

Who better to tell us the inspiration than the designer herself. So, we sat down with Roksanda to find out just how this collection and collaboration came about.

Do you draw your initial designs with pencil and paper or in colour?

I always start with the colour palette this is followed by fabrics, shapes and the mood of the collection.

Do you build your collections around a central piece or is it a more holistic approach?

I like to look at the overall mood as opposed to designing around a central piece. My collections usually have few stories within them, playing on the same themes; but it is also very much a work in progress until the very end.

Roksanda Mount Street Boutique

Who is the Roksanda woman?

A modern women of our time, independent, but also not afraid to show her more vulnerable side.

How do your design ideas marry with the materials and actual construction of the garments?

I love to play with texture and unusual fabrications in my collections; I think this element is a very important dimension in the creative process. When I design I think about the garment as 360 degrees. The majority of the fabrics and textures are created in my studio and developed by the incredible mills we work with. It’s crucial that designs and fabrics work with each other, and they should confine or restrict each other.

What distinguishes British luxury brands and designers from everything else?

I think British designers are very forward thinking, there is something about London that brings that creative freedom out in all of us.

2016 Fashion Diary
Roksanda Fashion Diary

How do you use a diary? For your work, your private life or both?

Both. I like to use a diary to keep me on top of my work and private life, but it’s also nice to have somewhere where your whole life is recorded.

What would define your diary style, organised and informative, wild and wandering or in a language only you can understand?

Very organised, but in my own handwriting that makes sense only to me.

Roksanda Collaboration Inspiration
Smythson X Roksanda Soho Notebook

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