On Set with Vanessa Kirby & James Norton

Building on our history of storytelling, our Spring Summer 2016 campaign introduces quintessentially British actors Vanessa Kirby and James Norton as brand ambassadors. Looking to the London stage and screen for our #SmythsonStories, these narratives capture individuals who emulate the core Smythson principals throughout their work, showcasing exceptional talent alongside character and integrity, creativity and innovation and a passion for excellence.

Here we take a peek behind the scenes at some candid moments from our campaign shoot with Vanessa and James.


“Out of the UK at the moment come these incredibly exciting films and actors and writers and directors. It’s a mixture between being progressive and modern, exciting and classy, traditional and having immense heritage and that’s what Smythson is.”

– James Norton


‘It’s not how many people see the things you do as an actor, it’s just about the play and the playwright and the work and the craft behind it. I feel like Smythson as a company is so similar to that, is so dedicated to real proper things that will last a lifetime.’

– Vanessa Kirby


Shot in a London townhouse by world-renowned photographer Paul Wetherell, the setting of our Spring Summer 2016 captures a moment in the lives of Vanessa and James. It is a visual narrative depicting their multi-faceted lives, preparing for roles and getting into character alongside rare moments of repose in the life of two talented and inspiring individuals.


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