Behind the Curtain with Simon Annand

Simon Annand is a photographer with a style completely unto himself. His ‘fly on the wall’ approach to photography has seen him inside the dressing room of some of the world’s most celebrated thespians. Starting out as a production photographer, Simon Annand is firmly entrenched in the theatre world and it is his relationship with the actors and their implicit trust in him that allows Simon to capture extraordinary moments.


In theatre, ‘the half’ is a term to describe the half an hour before an actor takes to the stage. It is that moment when they make the final transition from themselves to the character. Named after this highly charged moment, Simon’s first book ‘The Half’ served as the inspiration for our SS16 films with Vanessa Kirby and James Norton. In honour of his eye for remarkable moments, we asked Simon himself to document behind the scenes at our ‘Insight into an Actor’s World‘ film shoot.

“What makes someone photogenic is the relationship that person has with themselves in their own head. An actor is particularly interesting to photograph because they are playing somebody else, as well as being themselves.”



“I love photography because it’s the ultimate short story in 1/125th of a second. There’s no time to bluff.”


“It’s the mind and heart of the photographer that takes a photo, not the camera itself.”


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