Around London with Vanessa Kirby

London born and bred, Vanessa Kirby has grown up with the West End at her doorstep. With so much to see and be inspired by, we wanted to find out what a day in the life looks like through Vanessa’s eyes.

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With a repertoire that covers both stage and screen Vanessa Kirby can pinpoint the very moment she decided to be an actor.

“I saw Vanessa Redgrave in the Cherry Orchard at the National. She was playing with her brother Corin and I fell completely in love with the play, and with her, and with the theatre. I remember walking about and just thinking, ‘I want to be able to do that. Whatever those guys did, I want to be involved in it’.”

Vanessa Kirby for Smythson SS16

For Vanessa, there is nothing better than a London stage company (although she admits she may be a tad biassed).

“All the theatres are really special to me because I grew up going to them and watching the plays there but The Young Vic is really special to me having done ‘Three Sisters’ and ‘Streetcar’. The Royal Court is also incredibly special and I actually wrote my dissertation on the writers from the Royal Court at the time.”

The Young Vic Theatre
The Poetry Cafe Covent Garden

“I’d heard about the yellow brick road at the National as kind of a myth and so when I came into the building on my first day several years ago and I walked down that yellow brick road I couldn’t believe that it was real. It’s the place that leads to all the rehearsal rooms where the most creative work happens.”

The Yellow Brick Road at the National Theatre

Vanessa Kirby with James Norton for Smythson
A Streetcar Named Desire with Vanessa Kirby

“Ultimately I don’t think it really matters where you are, it’s just the idea that people collect in a room to hear the work of a great playwright and making it relevant to today so that it moves you and might make you see yourself or your life in a different way.”

Vanessa Kirby on the Southbank
Vanessa Kirby with the Burlington Buckle Tote

It is not just the theatres that define a London for Vanessa. To spend a day in her shoes is to wander along the Southbank and soak in the Soho atmosphere.

“I bump into a friend of mine every two minutes in Soho, running around with pages flying out of my bag. I usually lug a script around with me so that even if I’m not able to look at it, I feel as if by osmosis I’m slowly absorbing some of the lines that I haven’t yet learnt.”

The Southbank

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Images shot by Simon Annand and sourced via Pinterest.

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