Glasses 101 with Zachary Moscot

Even if you have never heard of Moscot, the chances are you have seen their glasses sported by professors, grandparents and trendsetters alike. Their timeless frames have become synonymous with New York City style and now they have brought their downtown cool to London, Beak Street.

Moscot West 14th Street

With a unique heritage, understated elegance and passion for quality, we met with Zachary Moscot (the creative director and 5th generation) to find out a bit more about London’s newest player on the accessories scene.

Zachary Moscot
Sunglasses by Moscot

“The brand and the history is something that generations of customers can connect with. The quality, the product, our relationship with the customers, it is kind of a winning formula.”

The History of Moscot

Founded in 1915, Hyman Moscot was the family’s first purveyor of eyeglasses, selling his wares from a pushcart on Orchard Street on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Cart led to store led to New York institution.

“It’s funny, I’m the 5th generation so I have only been in the business for so many years but we still have old customers come in to the shop telling us that their granddaughter comes in now or often the opposite, young people coming in telling us that their grandparents have been buying their glasses with us for years. It’s the quality and the service that keeps them coming back. It’s humbling and it’s amazing.”

If there is one thing we appreciate at Smythson, it is that timelessness goes hand in hand with craftsmanship.

Zach Moscot's Studio

Rainbow Frames
Moscot Glasses Designs

“Our frames are completely handmade; there are about 125 steps to making a handmade frame. It’s cut from sheets of acetate that we source in Italy and all of our hardware is sourced from Europe.”

With such a rich family archive, Zachary tells us that they are constantly looking at heritage styles, advertisements and catalogues to reinvent their stories in a contemporary way. So, what is it about these glasses and sunglasses that is so accessible to so many generations?

“Moscot frames are classic, timeless; there is nothing wild about them. It’s like wearing a white t-shirt or jeans or wingtip shoes, it just goes.”

Moscot Shop NYC

Zachary Moscot in 60 Seconds

Coffee…La Colombe in the Chelsea area.

Something a little stronger…there is a cool place called Hill & Dale, right by Orchard Street. When I am done with work I can go over there. It’s very intimate and chic and low key at the same time.

My style is…simple and clean. I’m technically an artist at heart but I’m also a businessman so I’m not wildly eclectic.

Next on the bucket list…South East Asia, Vietnam, Malaysia…I’ve been to Asia before but never that part.

I never travel without…my Dad, we’re always going places together.

Moscot West 14th Street Store

Explore the world of Moscot and pick up a Smythson glasses case to house your new sunglasses and spectacles.

Pictures taken at Moscot NYC at West 14th Street. Find more locations here.

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