Botanical beverages, bubbly & brigadeiros…

Things took a turn for the tropical at our Sloane Street Boutique this week for Chelsea in Bloom. In keeping with the Rio theme, the outside of the boutique was transformed into a carnival-esque bonanza of blooms by the wonderful florist Amanda Willgrave.

Chelsea in Bloom at Smythson Sloane Street

The rather spectacular headdress is made from moss interwoven with Bromeliad’s Birds of Paradise, Strelitzia Vanda orchids, palms and variegated Aspidistra leaves. Nesting in front of the windows you will find Pele the parrot, whose design was inspired by our parrot correspondence cards with his sweeping tail made from White Singapore orchids and white Bougainvillea.

Paper Birds of Paradise and Smythson Collections
Pele the Parrot

But it was not just blooms that we employed to created our paradise, throughout the display and the store you will find handcrafted paper birds and tropical leaves in our signature Panama collection colour palette.

To celebrate the occasion, we turned up the Brazilian beats and hosted our very own carnival in-store. Guests sipped on passionfruit infused botanical beverages from Seedlip, whose team of botanists have discovered a way to create the world’s first non-alcoholic spirit. For those with a sweet tooth, we even whipped up (and by whipped up we mean asked the lovely team at The London Brigaderia to help) some traditional Brazilian brigadeiros in flavours of coconut, chocolate and chilli, and white chocolate and passion fruit to name a few…

Chocolate and Coconut Brigadeiros
Revolutionary Seedlip Non-Alcoholic Spirits

No celebration would be complete without a glass (or two) of bubbly so we were delighted invite Gusbourne to our carnival. Dedicated to creating English sparkling wines to rival even the finest offerings from around the world, we can assure you that Gusbourne is up to the task.

Tropical Blooms at Smythson
English Sparkling Wine from Gusbourne

Our Chelsea in Bloom display will be up until Saturday the 28th of May so be sure to stop by Sloane Street to have a peek for yourself. If you are not London bound, you can always satisfy your floral fancies with our special edition Chelsea Flower Show collection.

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