London vs. New York with Arian Ahmadian

For many, summer marks a time of air travel, sunshine and metropolitan explorations. Always curious about how different cities compare to London town, we asked real estate guru and Londoner turned New Yorker Arian Ahmadian to share his tale of two cities in 5 minutes…

Arian Ahmadian Smythson Story
The Highline

What is your favourite building in the New York Skyline?

“I prefer historical buildings rather than skyscrapers, things with a lot of character but I also like it when they mix two forms of architecture together. There is a new building in Chelsea on the corner of 10th avenue and West 20th Street opposite the Highline Hotel which runs through the Highline and uses old, French panel industrial windows. It’s a nice twist between old and new.”

And the London Skyline?

“It is really tough to choose just one but in London I love the Selfridges building. It’s such a unique building and the way it’s lit up at night-time makes such a big statement.”

What is the biggest difference between Madison Avenue and Regent Street?

“In London my friends are always shopping for occasions, taking advantage of the late night hours on Thursday to pick up something for their next party, wedding etc. In New York, everyone tends to shop seasonally, updating their whole wardrobe in one fell swoop!”

Selfridges Building London
Rooftop at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
The Albion Pub Islington

Your best kept secret in New York?

“New York is such a foody city and if you are only in the city for one day I would definitely recommend a visit to Ivan Ramen on the East side. There is also a great rooftop on the Metropolitan Museum of Art, not many people ever make it up there and it has amazing views of Central Park.”

And London?

“I used to live in the Angel, Islington area and have a particular fondness for The Albion pub. They have a great garden in the back and put on a hog roast every Sunday.”

Smythson Travel Journal
Burlington 24 Hour Bag

What is the one thing you never travel without?

“I actually always have three things; sunglasses, my Smythson notebook, and my laptop.”

Your book for the plane…

“The boring answer to this would be The Basics of Finance and the embarrassing answer would be The Five Love Languages.”

So, next time you are in New York hot foot it to the Met to soak up the sun and the surroundings and then feast your eyes on the new meets old architecture in Chelsea. Now all you need to do is pack…

Images kindly provided by Maddox Retail and sourced via Pinterest

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