Organising Your Goals with Fitness on Toast

Faya Nilsson is the brains behind celebrated health and lifestyle blog Fitness on Toast. With personal training clients, an upcoming book and a blog to juggle, Faya decided to redefine how she organises her life (with a little help from a Smythson diary). We have summarised her top tips here but for the full story be sure to head over to Fitness on Toast.

“There are two types of people; those with meticulously curated diaries full of bespoke post-its and colour-coordinated appointment notes, and then there are the disorganised others. For years I drifted aimlessly in the latter camp, but writing this blog forced me to upgrade my ‘planning skills’ alot, and I’ve learned a few things along the way…”

Fitness on Toast gets organised with a Smythson Diary

1. Write it Down. There is no replacement for putting pen to paper as a way to formalise, memorialise, and hold to account! The digital age has us under the comfortable delusion that all is well, with our schedules stored remotely in the cloud; but they’re just as easily deleted or ignored…”

2. Be S.M.A.R.T. about it! In many professions, my own included, people are trained to think ‘SMART’ when authoring their goals. It’s a handy little mnemonic which stands for Structured, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound; 5 components of organised goal-setting which will lead them to be more readily achieved…”

FOT's Smythson Portobello Diary

3. Seek Sanctuary in Structure. If your headspace feels a bit disorganised, it might help to ensure your surroundings are tidy. Everything has a place, and I feel that your home is your sanctuary, a spa-like retreat into which you can escape from the unrelenting pressures of the outside world. To maintain it requires constant attention, spring cleaning all year round, ongoing de-cluttering…”

4. Food for Thought. Write a list of foods that you constantly eat, ensuring always to have ample stock of those healthy foods. I try to avoid running out of something that will preclude me from creating a favourite go-to healthy recipe. If you write the list in your diary and on the fridge, you’re more likely to remember them during those supermarket aisle brain-frazzle moments…”

Fitness on Toast Training Goals
Faya from Fitness on Toast Smythson Collaboration

5. Sleep Sleep Sleep. I’ve written extensively about this but we now know that sleep deprivation makes us less productive, affects our overall wellbeing and mood, and promotes the production of stress hormones such as cortisol. Further, the sensation of tiredness leaves us craving more unhealthy foods; it’s all counterproductive to the fitness goals, so there’s one simple solution. Impose a curfew and ensure you catch your optimal amount of sleep…”

Faya uses the Portobello Mid-Year Diary with slide in dawn blue Mara leather.

This post was created in collaboration with Fitness on Toast and represents an expert from a full story on How to Organise Your Fitness Goals and Stay on Track with Training. Images and words courtesy of Fitness on Toast.

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