How to Pack in Style with The Visionist

Few people have mastered the art of travelling in style quite like The Visionist. With his modern, clean aesthetic, he perfectly captures the spirit of form and function which defines our travel collections. So if you are wondering how to look perfectly turned out at the end of a flight (no matter how long), you are about to find out…

“As a fashion blogger & entrepreneur, business trips are now a big part of my life; hence, long-haul flights. I love timeless fashion as I believe that it is something that I will appreciate at any age in my life. Smythson embodies this design concept, in my opinion, a brand that combines opulence with a minimal fashion aesthetic.”

“I am travelling to 3 different countries in South East Asia in July, which involves more than one 14 hour long-haul flight. The Burlington 48 Hour Travel bag in soft deerskin is perfect for the long-haul flight due to its spacious character and the many available compartments. I always pack all of my necessities based on entertainment and comfort. I also pack extra clothing for my flight because I change a few hours before landing. The Burlington Washbag is perfect for holding all of my toiletries such as electric toothbrush, toothpaste and travel size facial products.”

Packing Tips - Burlington 48 Hour Bag
Packing Tips - Burlington Washbag

“It is also vital to pack the cables for my various electronic devices such as mobile phones and headphones. These things keep me occupied on the plane, especially as I prefer to use my own headphones rather than those provided by the airline (for comfort reasons). One of my favourite features of the Burlington travel bag is the 2 separate big compartments which allow me to allocate my belongings based on my own need. I use one compartment for the items that I need to access more regularly, whereas the other is used to keep the items that I may not need until near the end of my flight.”

Smythson Travel Accessories - The Visionist

“The exterior zip pocket is such a great feature of this bag for any laptop user. I no longer need to use my laptop sleeve whenever I travel with this bag. It fits my 13-inch Macbook perfectly whilst keeping it safe and protected. It also makes my reading material a lot more accessible.”

“I use different travel accessories to keep my personal belongings organised so that I can access them efficiently whenever I need them. I love the leather texture of these travel accessories as it gives them an opulent and modern yet timeless character.”

“For me, Smythson is all about versatility, functionality and timeless design – which is exactly what modern men require these days.”

How to Pack - Smythson Travel Watchbox
How to Pack with Smythson by The Visionist

Smythson Travel Wallet and Passport Cover

This story features our travel accessories from our Burlington Collection and Panama Collection. Please see the detailed list below, in order of appearance. All images were styled by The Visionist.

Burlington 48 Hour Bag | Burlington Washbag | Panama Double Zip Travel Wallet | Panama Pocket Notebook | Burlington Passport Cover | Panama Travel Watch Box

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