More than a Diary, an Icon

When you have been producing exceptional diaries for over a century, you get quite good at celebrating their every detail. As 2017 approaches we embark on our 130th Anniversary and have redesigned and expanded our Diary Collection in many ways. Rather than us telling you why our diaries are quite simply the best, we asked a few friends and customers to share what they love most.

“I love the craftsmanship of the diaries, the idea that something that I use every day can feel so luxurious.”

– Erdem

Mara Diaries - The Smythson Journal

“Every year, I look forward to my new Smythson diary; it marks a clean slate, full of promise and opportunity. Writing on beautiful Smythson pages every day is a reminder of the integrity and pleasure I embrace for my own life and work. In this era of technology, nothing can replace the feeling I have for writing on fine paper…my Smythson diary is always with me, a glamorous essential!”

– Dita Von Teese

37 Years of Panama Diaries - The Smythson Journal

“I send to you my American version of a loyal 37 year customer with every intent of continuing until my demise (hopefully not soon…). Thank you for a wonderful product. It has been an integral part of my life, every day, every year, for the past 37 years. I rely on it daily and am never without it.”

– Robert Segel, Smythson Customer

The Desk Diary - The Smythson Journal

“I admit I have tried, but I just can’t get on board with a digitalised diary, I perfectly understand the shortcomings of my favoured desk diary – it’s another thing to carry, when I leave it at home or on my desk in the office, I can’t confirm appointments until I’m reunited with it – but I love being able to cross things out, tick things off and above all else an iPhone calendar just can’t compete with the thin blue paper of a Smythson Diary.”

– Sarah Harris, British Vogue

Panama Diary with Pencil - The Smythson Journal

“I started using a Panama diary around the same time the first Psion organiser crashed… and I’ve used one ever since. It’s a truly pocketable piece of personal style, as well as an example of timeless technology: pen, Panama, purpose in life – sorted.”

– Bill Prince, British GQ

Signature Featherweight Paper - The Smythson Journal

“No electronic item can replace the crisp blue pages of my Smythson Fashion diary.”

– Arabella Greenhill, InStyle UK

Smythson Diaries - The Smythson Journal“When I moved to London in 2000, I bought myself a Smythson diary to keep track of my life… It is now coming up to the 17th year of me getting a Smythson diary… It has become a necessity, a luxury, a keepsake, a tradition that I hope lasts for a lifetime.”

– Elizabeth Saltzman, Stylist

So whether you prefer a statement desk diary or a more pocket-friendly version, once you start using a Smythson diary things will never be the same again…

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