The Secret Stories of a Christmas Card

For many, the festive season is one of few when pen and paper reign supreme. To sit down and write a note is an intimate reminder of the people you hold dear. But is there a secret message hiding behind your season’s greetings…?

Handcrafted Christmas Cards from Smythson

Expert graphologist Margaret White has been analysing handwriting for over 30 years and you would be amazed at what she can discern from the simplest turns of phrase. We asked Margaret to turn her keen eye onto a few of our festive messages to see what they said about the people who wrote them.

The Smythson Journal - Christmas Stories

Miss Scarlet

“This is an elegant lady who makes meticulous preparation before commencing any project, whether professional or personal. Determined to achieve her goals and be at the centre of all that is going on, she gives very little away about her own very personal thoughts and emotions.”

Mrs Peacock

“Independent, confident and apparently direct in all that she does in both her personal and professional relationships/roles.  Capable of both organising and manipulating events to her own satisfaction without becoming too personally involved.”

The Smythson Journal - Bespoke Christmas Cards

The Smythson Journal - Personalised Festive Cards

Miss Peach

“A writer who is happy to look to the future with a high degree of confidence and enjoying a challenge. Whilst being artistic and still very much involved with fulfilling her ambitions, she is practical and enjoying the challenges of today whilst maintaining a good sense of self and building a calm and secure environment for both herself and her family.”

Colonel Mustard

“There is a sense of defending the family from the effects of outside influences whilst having a desire to demonstrate the importance of its members as worthy of respect and consideration. This writer, whilst considering that they contribute seriously to society seems not to wish to be a part of it.  A trait that they probably do not recognise within themselves.”

The Smythson Journal - Christmas Card Stories

This festive season you can capture your very own scribing with our Personalised Christmas Card service. We promise not to delve too deeply…

To explore the insights from your own handwriting it’s probably best to consult the expert herself at .

About Margaret White

Trained by the Francis Hilliger, the Founder of the British Institute of Graphologists, Margaret White has been an expert in her field for the past thirty years. She has worked with organisations both in the UK and Worldwide.

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