AnOther Magazine’s Fashion and Beauty Features Director Olivia Singer takes a break from globe-trotting to bring us some culinary recommendations closer to home; read on for the best baked eggs in London, and her favourite GF DF takeaways.

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For breakfast…

There is a café next to my house, literally a two-minute walk away, which does the best baked eggs and ham hock in the world. It’s called Fingers Crossed, and it opened just after I moved into my flat, so it has become a staple part of my existence. Everyone I take there becomes similarly besotted with it, and they really don’t mind if you go in pyjamas: the people who run it are the best.

For lunch…

I work directly above Alex Eagle’s The Store in 180 The Strand, and they do the most fabulous array of seasonal soups and salads, which means that I never leave the building (except to smoke). I am allergic to practically everything and the fact that they still haven’t poisoned me, in spite of the fact that I have been every day for six months, is nothing short of a miracle. Plus, there’s an Ettore Sottsass bookshelf in there, and these marble tables that I’d do anything to own.

Olivia - diary and food

Panama Diary

For dinner…

Hawksmoor: rare filet steak, chips and maple bacon. Steak and chips is my favourite meal and not only does Hawksmoor do the best cuts, but they also have this bacon side dish that has to be eaten to be believed. It’s like a thick bit of pork that they soak in maple syrup for all eternity, and it is perfect.

For after-hours eating…

My local Nisa has a remarkable array of fruit and nuts – as in, a whole aisle devoted to them. I am allergic to anything other than that, so I really depend on their impressive variety.

For taking away…

Honest Burger Deliveroo (they do great gluten free buns), or Tootoomoo (which is ludicrously expensive, but I think about their miso salmon and GF DF crispy chicken every day).

For something local… 

See breakfast, of course.

About This Series


Breakfast, Lunch, DinnerInspired by Smythson Traveller Sir Hardy Amies, a man who diligently recorded his breakfast, lunch and dinner engagements at London’s hottest spots in his bespoke Panama diaries, we ask some of the people whose opinion we respect the most for their top recommendations in a city where they feel at home. If they could only pick one place for each meal, where would it be? Essentially: an insider alternative to anxiously scrolling through TripAdvisor.

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