Designed for business or pleasure, the Burlington 24-Hour Bag fits the essentials in a two-compartment body, with additional padded iPad slip and two outer pockets perfectly suited to a travel itinerary and an accompanying copy of the New Yorker.



The Burlington 24-hour bag is very useful for quick trips; It’s chic, discrete, and functional and holds all the essentials.” – Claire Thomson-Jonville, Self Service Magazine.

Made from soft deerskin leather, light gold or silver hardware, with a cotton and nylon lining held with our signature Nile blue stitch, the Burlington is a modern iteration of the 1902 Monitor Bag.

Combining the exquisite attention to craft and design that Smythson was becoming known for in the early 1900s, with expert functionality, the Monitor Bag was advertised as ‘the most convenient of all bags’ – it came equipped with secure compartments for glass vials (for smelling salts and other medicinal affects), which had silver-topped fasteners, hand engraved with the customer’s initials.

The Monitor Bag was designed to precisely fit the overhead luggage compartments on trains. In the 1900s, train travel was enjoying its boom years across Europe and America. The period has been immortalised through film, from the 25-minute British documentary Night Mail produced in 1936, tracking an overnight mail train from London to Scotland, Celia Johnson in Brief Encounter (1945), and of course, Murder on the Orient Express and its star-studded cast list.

Taking cues from the iconic aesthetic and the pioneering practicality of the Monitor, the Burlington  24-Hour Bag embraces Smythson’s illustrious history but adapts it for the modern age. The 24-Hour Bag is available in black, navy and tan – and for those preparing for longer-haul business trips or bank holiday minibreaks, it has a larger-sized sibling: the sensibly named Burlington 48-Hour Bag. So wherever you’re going, and however you get there, we have you covered. Call us antiquated, but we recommend journeying by train.

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