There are abundant advantages to modern travel: cheap tickets, quick flights, and the joy of a boarding pass stored on the accessory currently glued to your hand. But if you’ve ever ventured across the Atlantic on a budget airline, sat with your knees uncomfortably close to the sick bag, or been tragically disappointed by the spread in the business class lounge, you may be one of the many wondering where all the glamour has gone.

The Smythson Travel Wallet is our way of restoring some of the original appeal of long-distance travel. Our Wilde style will always have a home for boarding cards, a place for them to sit snugly between folds of soft lambskin. We make room for an Amex as well as more exotic currency; document pockets are designed to fit both business receipts and the cards of newly discovered restaurants you’d never remember any other way. Plus, of course, your passport. Never forget your passport.

The Wilde Travel Wallet is bound in exotic alligator leather, continuing Smythson’s long tradition of using the materials best suited to our craft: the most enduring are used for exteriors, with softer leathers applied to interiors. For those seeking the most ultimate in understated luxury, there is no greater accessory – and, short of investing in extra legroom, there is no better way to enhance your journey.

Photography: Joss McKinley

About This Series

Icons: Exploring our long-standing heritage through the people who love us and the products that define us. 

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