Actor, screenwriter and and the original face of millennial make-up brand Glossier, Coco Baudelle, shares her culinary guide to one of her favourite cities: Tokyo. Read on for hole-in-the-wall ramen joints and the best room service in the Japanese metropolis.


For Breakfast…

The Breakfast Club Tokyo has a sweet American feel, which is especially nice when you wake up confused and jet lagged. They serve the cutest french toast which comes with little red cherries…and a sausage.

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For lunch…

When I’m in Tokyo I can’t get Ichiran out of my head. You go down into the basement, punch your ramen order into their jukebox-like machine, and then someone comes out of a curtain and takes you to your single booth. The wooden window facing you opens, and a chef – whose face you will only get a glimpse of – serves you your ramen with all the extras. I recommend ordering the corn and chives. You will be out and back to business in 20 minutes. 


For dinner…

When I think back on the best night I’ve ever had in Tokyo, it is to dinner at Hormon. It’s down in an alley and it’s the smokiest, tiniest place. The trick here is to order small amounts of a lot of things that you’ll cook on the hot rocks they’ll put in the middle of the table. My favourite? The raw heart. 

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For after-hours eating…

The room-service spaghetti bolognese at The Cerulean Tower is hands down my favourite in the world. It’s made with very thin spaghetti and comes with a hypnotizing view of Tokyo at night.

For taking away…

The 7-Elevens in Tokyo have really delicious Onigiri rice balls for less than $2. You can find them anywhere, and they will always come slightly warm and the rice is always perfectly cooked. Also they have HäagenDazs matcha ice cream crispy sandwiches. 

For something local…

Tokyo has really good pastries. My favourite one is the big white powdered puff ball filled with custard from Chez Lui in Shibuya.

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