Grace Coddington, Creative Director at Large for American Vogue, has spent years finessing the art of travelling. A “cautiously reluctant traveller” she values preparation and ritual, “I like to be completely ready before the car comes and I like to get to the airport early. I’m not one of those people who leaves it to the last minute and runs straight to the gate, even if I go First Class,” she says. This spirit extends to her meticulous packing regime: “I usually like to pack the night before…I like to edit [my belongings] enough so it all fits into a small carry-on bag.” Here, Grace shares her definitive travelling essentials – the items that have been accompanying her from exotic shoots to city breaks for decades.

The plane uniform

“My inflight uniform is a pair of track pants from Marc Jacobs circa 10 years ago and a cashmere sweater from Céline. I currently like lace-up sneakers because, at my age, they don’t make you take them off when going through security. When they did I’d wear slip-ons.”


The carry-on bag essentials
  • A Hermés cashmere blanket.
  • One Céline cashmere sweater.
  • Six pairs of identical Céline black trousers.
  • Four custom-made short-sleeved Prada shirts in black.
  • Two custom-made short-sleeved Prada shirts in white.
  • If the destination is a cold one, a double-faced Cashmere Céline coat.
  • A night-shirt from Olatz.
  • Two pairs of identical Michael Kors white leather sneakers.
  • One pair of Céline black satin slip-on sneakers for evening.
  • A stack of Smythson notebooks.
  • My iPad.
  • And I wish I could take my cats: Pumpkin and Blanket
6The in-flight bag

“I really love the Smythson hold-all. It’s the perfect carryon. The leather is super soft and its surprisingly light. The canvas inside is also quite nice. I like that is a very durable interior.”

The recent discovery

Rescue Remedy products, which are all-natural and really work. They all join me in my cabin bag: Oasis Tears Eye Drops; Rescue Remedy Pastilles for stress relief; Rescue Remedy Sleep Spray; Rescue Remedy sleep melts and Liquid Valerian Root Extract, alcohol free – for nervousness.”

4The washbag 

The travel handbag

“I like how small the Smythson cross-body bag is, and wearing it cross-body means it’s not going to slip off your shoulder and get lost while getting in and out of cabs.”

The indispensable Smythson travel companion

“Given that I really must write things down as I don’t do emails, I find the Smythson notebooks to be an essential. The writing folder is also great for keeping all my fashion show invites and cards in one place, not to mention receipts. So much of my travel is for work so that is very important, and you don’t want to have your wallet overstuffed.”


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