Dutch-born photographer, Annemarieke Van Drimmen, exchanged the jet-set life of a model for an equally travel-intensive existence as fashion’s leading female-image photographers; spending her time between London and New York. Her work features in Vogue, Fantastic Man, T and international brand campaigns. During her recent Jane Birkin shoot for Smythson Travel, Annemarieke divulged her definitive travel recommendations.

What is the one thing that cures your jet lag?

First thing I do after being on a plane is wash my hair, Khiel’s Amino Acid works best for my hair. At night, I take a pure liquid form of melatonin, it really works. But most importantly, I don’t look at what time it is in the place I just came from. Being where you are is the best trick.

AM3What’s the one remedy, vitamin or supplement that you swear by for travelling?

Pure vitamin C in the form of Acerola

What is the one product from Smythson that you would choose above all others?

My little cardholder that I use for my credit cards when I travel.

What is the one item that you always steal (or want to steal) from a hotel?

The smell of Hotel Ett Hem in Stockholm, it instantly makes you feel at home.

What is the one thing that you love to order from room service? Where does it best?

I must admit it’s Spag Boll.

What is the one item you won’t leave the country without?

My Camera.

What is your number one luxury travel item?

My coat from The Row; it’s both a coat and a blanket. It’s very simple and doesn’t have any buttons, it just closes with a woolen belt. I love it on the plane.

What is your number one dependable travel item?

Headphones, because travelling through airports and other crazy busy places is just a little more bearable with your favourite music on.

What is the comfiest thing to wear on the plane?

Anything that feels soft on my skin and doesn’t make me think of a plane.

What is your most basic aeroplane essential?



If you’re only travelling with one bag what do you pack?

I’ve noticed how good it feels to travel light, I love just taking hand luggage if I can. I, therefore, love items that can be used in many different ways. I always have a woolen jumper with me that I can both wear as a scarf or a jumper, like my Margaret Howell classic men’s (oversized) cashmere jumper, in a dark blue or stone colour. I also pack a small envelope type clutch like the Burlington Marshal Travel Wallet. When I fly I use it for all the most important items I need to travel; a passport, small wallet, earplugs, small moisturizer etc. When I arrive, I can use the same clutch as a small handbag.

In my bag I always pack oversized men’s white shirt, I have many different ones depending on the season but I love an oversized vintage Ralph Lauren shirt. I also bring my light woolen grey coat from the Row and a notebook or my diary, I love writing a bit on a long-haul flight. I have the large Smythson Nile Blue Soho Diary which also has a notebook section next to the agenda. There’s nothing more satisfying than an old-fashioned diary with notes and little memories from trips. In terms of hand luggage; I have a camera bag on wheels and I love putting a big tote on top like the Panama Large Tote, so I don’t have to carry anything.

AM5What goes in your in-flight washbag?  

I love the travel kit from Susan Kaufman, the closest you can get in turning a plane ride into a spa. I especially love the moisturizing spray on the plane. They have a small version of a lot of their products, even small bath oils. But really anything hydrating in a plane is what I want to bring. I also travel with RMS lip moisturizer.

What is your favourite in-flight Smythson product?

My Nile Blue Soho Diary.

About This Series

The One: The definitive guide to the one thing that you must do in a city, take on your journey, or wear when you get there: from the best sashimi restaurant in Osaka, to the perfect travel-sized moisturiser; that one dress that never creases, to the place for late-night paella in Madrid. Take advice from the people who’ve seen it all, and never find yourself stuck queuing for a tourist trap again.

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