How To Tie a Smythson Bow

The unwrapping of a present is a ceremony almost as important as the giving. It does always seem that presents are more eagerly anticipated when they look as beautiful as the gifts they conceal. So, if you have ever found yourself brow furrowed in concentration over an untidy bow, we have the solution.

Here at Smythson we have perfected the art of bow tying over our 128 year history and are finally ready to share our secrets. Simply watch our ‘how to’ film and prepare yourself for glowing praise…

How to Tie a Smythson Bow

      1. Hold the box in the centre with thumb and leave approximately a box length of ribbon at the top
      2. Wrap the longer length of the ribbon vertically under the box, cross over the top left corner and wrap horizontally under the box
      3. Place the long end of the ribbon over the loose cross and tuck it back under itself
      4. Pull the ends of the ribbon to tighten and centre
      5. Tie a bow and trim to finish


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