About Us

For over a century, Smythson has accompanied some of the world’s most historically renowned travellers – from Grace Kelly and Katharine Hepburn to Sir Hardy Amies and Princess Diana – on their journeys across the globe. Inspired by these figures’ packed diaries, full of dinners, parties and, of course, holidays, we are opening the address books of their contemporary counterparts to bring you Smythson Travel: a selection of definitive tips and recommendations curated by the well-travelled. 

By incorporating everything from the most indulgent experiences to slightly more prosaic recommendations, Smythson Travel explores a new understanding of luxury: one that centres around exceptional taste, rather than simply expensive suggestions. It is the same style of curation that Frank Smythson championed through his first Bond Street store in 1887, and a concept with particular relevance to the information overload of the digital age. 

With recommendations spanning everything from where to drink the best Aperol Spritz in Milan, to the ultimate in-flight essentials; how to pack your socks with optimum efficiency to Istanbul’s most indulgent hammam, Smythson Travel is your cheat sheet to travelling in style, and experiencing the world through the eyes of an insider. It’s travel by the well-travelled.