Icons: The Panama Luggage Tag

It’s peak travel season, so we’ve dug through the Smythson archives to pay homage to the Panama Luggage Tag – a foolproof way to avoid baggage reclaim anxiety.

Icons: The Soho Notebook

The ‘hack’ journalist, the aspiring author, the inspired note-jotter; few writers deny the pleasure that comes from opening a new notebook. With our Soho Notebook, that experience reaches peak satisfaction.

Icons: The Wilde Travel Wallet

The Smythson Travel Wallet is our way of restoring some of the original appeal of long-distance travel, without having to charter a private jet.

Icons: Katharine Hepburn

She pioneered women wearing trouser suits, refused to be defined by a man, and who catalogued her impressive Rolodex of friendships within the gilt-edged pages of her bespoke Panama address book.

Icons: Grace Kelly

Always in the media eye, it was no surprise that Princess Grace of Monaco meticulously diarised both her public and private lives in a host of custom Smythson diaries.

Icons: The Maharaja of Jodhpur

Meet a man who embodied the idea of the “personal brand” long before Instagram and ensured that everything he acquired, from his clothes to his stationery, was a reflection of his impeccable taste.

Icons: Hardy Amies

Sir Hardy Amies once said: "I can't help it. I'm immensely impressed by all genuine upper-class manifestations," a sentiment unsurprising of...

Icons: The Mara Writing Folder

A Wish You Were Here postcard will do, but the Mara Writing Folder provides an excellent surface to write upon when on the beach.

Icons: The Burlington 24-Hour Bag

Designed for business or pleasure, the Burlington 24-Hour Bag fits the essentials in a two-compartment body, with additional pockets perfectly suited to a travel itinerary and an accompanying copy of the New Yorker.